Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70
Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70
Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70 Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70 Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70 Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70 Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70 Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70

Clement Cuvee De l'habitation Vol.40% Cl.70

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  • Limited edition, each bottle is numbered on the label.
  • Elegant crystal carafe with Habitation Clément design.
  • Rum ethereal, round, intense, elegant.
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Rare bottle of rum Clement Cuvée de L'habitation produced exclusively for the Maison Clément in Le François.

This agricultural rum Clement Cuvée de L'habitation celebrates the ability of the Clement distillery to refine and age perfect ethereal rums, among the best in the world.
The rum Clement Cuvée de L'habitation is a blend of the best vintages of the last 15 years, carefully selected by the Master Cellar of the Casa Clément.
Rhum Vieux Agricole Clement Cuvée de L'habitation has an elegant and noble amber color.
The aromas that come to the nose are powerful and dominated by the smell of vanilla.

Since 1887 the production of rum Clément is carried out according to the purest traditions and according to the rules inherited from Homère and Charles Clément.
Jealously guarded, this family recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, coming to the present day in the same way it was two centuries ago.
The Maison Clément belonged to Virginie de Franqueville and Georges du Prey de la Ruffinière in 1880. Following the great sugar crisis, the farm was seized and subsequently regained in 1887 by Doctor Homère Clément.
Homère Clément was one of the first doctors on the island who was also mayor of Le François and a member of the government of Martinique.
Having large sugar cane holdings (the fields extend over more than 100 hectares around the house), it was initially worked in the factories of Le François.
Subsequently, towards the nizio XX ° century, it creates a distillery of its own property that produces a rum, according to the old agricultural traditions and for this it becomes very famous and famous for its high level of quality.
The climatic conditions of Martinique also considerably accelerate aging.
The processing of rhum vieux agricole is subject to strict control of the AOC, which involves the verification of sugar cans, distillation, drums, the aging method, bottling, etc.
The aging process is three times faster in Martinique, depending on the climatic conditions: 35 ° of average during the year with high humidity.
Every year, evaporation represents 10% of the volume of the barrels.
In the Clement distillery, things do not change, it is always the old methodologies that hold the bank in the estate.
The sugar canes are cut by hand to be able to select them at the base where they are richer in sugar.
The purity and richness of cane juice are essential in the production of a perfectly natural Rhum like that of Clement.
Its elaboration is the very proof of its original character; the pure cane juice, after fermentation is distilled and then placed in small oak barrels with a capacity of only 200lt, to be able to obtain an incomparable fineness.
His son Charles, thanks to his studies in engineering, will improve the company thanks to the introduction of innovative and modern methods of export and promotion.
Turn the house into a real location where you can welcome important people or be able to carry out events.
Today the Maison Clément, one of the oldest properties on the island, has become a historic monument, and the only creole dwelling on the island still open to the public.
The rum Clement Cuvée de L'habitation is the official rum of the Maison Clément, a special limited edition!
The Maison has welcomed many guests and visitors: among the most distinguished we remember the President Georges Bush and the President Francois Mitterand at a summit in March 1991.

The visit to the distillery allows you to discover the production methods of the Rhum Agricole from processing and harvesting sugar cane.
The visit also allows you to breathe in the cellars the smells of about 1,000,000 liters of rum during aging in oak barrels from the production of Kentucky Bourbon.

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