Pierre Lecat Cognac VS N°1 Vol.40% Cl.70 Pierre Lecat Cognac
Pierre Lecat Cognac VS N°1 Vol.40% Cl.70 Pierre Lecat Cognac

Pierre Lecat Cognac VS N°1 Vol.40% Cl.70

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  • Excellent Cognac Vs, intense, soft, full-bodied.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Cognac full of fragrances.
  • Great gift idea.
Pierre Lecat

The cognac by Pierre Lecat VS N ° 1, is a wonderful offer of this artisan house that sells cognac with its own brand since 2014.

The creation of the Pierre Lecat house dates back to 80 years ago, when the grandfather of the current co-owner Jean-Luc Lassoudière returns to Charente to rebuild the family farm and replant the vines.

In the 1970s the farm began producing brandy with a quality and consistency that allowed it to supply large houses, while maintaining a supply of cognac in its cellars.

Pierre Lecat, father-in-law of Jean-Luc Lassoudière, and very famous watchmaker in the region is the financier of the maison. When the farm needs money for growth, it helps her financially.

It allows the extension of the areas planted with grapes and the establishment of the first brandy stocks.

Pierre Lecat is considered "The Cognac watchmaker", and for good reason: the Vigna, located at Fins Bois, is bred in Reasoned Agriculture, carefully selected and distilled on lees.

The Lecat VS No. 1 cognac blend is composed of exceptionally thick and warm, powerful eux-de-vie.

After assembling, the cognacs mature in 400 liter barrels for a period of one year.

This cognac by Pierre Lecat VS N ° 1 is really wonderful.

Pierre Lecat VS No. 1 cognac is an example of how good a young cognac can be.

From its delicious crystalline golden color, to its freshness on the nose and the vibrant and persistent taste, it is a cognac that can be tasted in many ways.

This is a truly versatile cognac that offers good value for money.

A great base to include in your drinks cabinet ...

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