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Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70Liqueurs & bitter
Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70Liqueurs & bitter
Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70Liqueurs & bitter Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70Liqueurs & bitter Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70Liqueurs & bitter

Borducan Elixir Vol.35% Cl.70

  • Davide Bregonzio combines Sicilian oranges with the flowers of the sacred mountain of Varese.
  • Original liqueur recipe from 1960.
  • Liqueur from the sacred mountain of Varese.
  • Artisan production.

Borducan, orange liqueur, spices and .... a secret kept on the sacred Monte di Varese,

The Elixir Borducan is the son of Davide Bregonzio and of the unity of Italy.

In fact, in 1860 this young Varesino decided to join the thousand and set sail for Sicily.

As a job, Davide extracts the unique medical properties they contain from herbs and flowers and makes them medicaments, oils and essences, in short, he is a respectable herbalist in the Varese area.

You can therefore imagine the enchantment that captivates him when he arrives in Sicily and is submerged by the scents of an almost enchanted land.

After participating in the mission that has forever changed the history of our country, Davide decides to move to Algeria, where the enchantment continues.

Here, in fact, he falls in love with the intensity of local oranges, so much so that on his return to the Sacro Monte di Varese only one thought haunts him: he wants to find a way to combine the incredible experience he has just lived with his origins, the past of he.

Thus was born "the Elixir Al Borducan".

Combining the scent of orange with the aromas of natural herbs from the Campo dei Fiori del Sacro Monte.

Blending the energy and intensity of those distant lands with the peace and quiet of the Sacro Monte.

After being able to distil himself, the experience he has just lived, the union of two worlds in a liqueur, Davide decides to create a place where all this meets, at the end of the path of the Rosary Chapels of Santa Maria del Mountain.

And it is precisely here, at Borducan, that the Elixir finds its ideal home, the perfect place to be savored and to let live in the palate and on the skin of those who savor it all the meaning of that journey, that mission of which Davide goes so proud.

This traditional place passes from generation to generation until it becomes what it is today, an enchanted corner, directly overlooking the splendid panorama of the lakes of Varese, Monate and Comabbio, where Davide Bregonzio grew up.

Tasting Note:

Color: Borducan Elixir liqueur has a golden color, viscous appearance with a light straw hue.

Perfumes: splendid perfume assortment of fresh citrus peels that so relieves the sweetness.

Borducan aroma does not lose intensity over time in the glass.

Taste: A soft, creamy entrance leads in an instant to the flavor of the jam which is quickly eclipsed by a superb, concentrated, burst of blood orange pulp.

We recommend an unusual combination with fresh and frozen Borducan liqueur and a Panatela Don peppin Garcia Cigar!


Data sheet

Raw material
Country of Production
Recommended Tobacco
Alcoholic gradation
35 %
Bottle format
Type of production
Hand made, discontinuous

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