Vol0 Gin Inspired Vol.0% Cl.75-Zero alcohol
Vol0 Gin Inspired Vol.0% Cl.75-Zero alcohol

Vol0 Gin Inspired Vol.0% Cl.75

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  • Produced by cold botanical extraction with herbs, flowers, roots and spices, including juniper, aloe and basil.
  • Ideal with tonic for a regenerating soft drink!

The non-alcoholic gin produced by Vol0 is ideal for cocktails, drinks, aperitifs.

It is produced with an infusion mainly of Tuscan juniper, aloe, fresh basil.

Full of flavor, Gin Vol0 is completely alcohol-free.

Gin Vol0 is a non-alcoholic distillate made from high quality raw materials: mainly juniper, aloe and basil.

With fragrant notes of oriental spices and Mediterranean herbs, it gives a clear and persistent sip, characterized by peppery and herbaceous notes.

Ideal with tonic for a regenerating soft drink!

Perfect for an alcohol-free gin tonic or gin fizz, garnished with lemon zest and juniper berries.

Tasting Notes:

Color: In the glass it is straw-colored, cloudy because it is not filtered in order not to damage the aroma.

Aromas: The nose is fresh, sweet aromas of juniper that are accompanied by warm spices and fresh notes of Mediterranean herbs.

Taste: The palate is immediately full-bodied and pungent, with a marked sensation of black pepper.

Nutritional values ​​(per 100g) Fibers: 0.1 Proteins: 0 Fats: 0 Carbohydrates%: 0 of which Sugars%: 0 Salt: 0 Energy intake KJ: 0 Kcal: 0

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Data sheet

Raw material
Surface finish
Aged in steel barrels
Country of Production
Recommended Tobacco
Alcoholic gradation
Bottle format
Type of production
Hand made, discontinuous

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