Diego Morlin "Io sono Baldo Baldi"
Diego Morlin "Io sono Baldo Baldi"
Diego Morlin "Io sono Baldo Baldi" Diego Morlin "Io sono Baldo Baldi"

Diego Morlin "Io sono Baldo Baldi"

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  • Monograph on Baldo Baldi, famous Genoese pipe manufacturer.

  • Pipemakers artist

  • Diego Morlin's book "I am Baldo Baldi" is only available in Italian.

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Diego Morlin presents his latest publishing effort "I am Baldo Baldi", a book recently released in memory of the famous Genoese pipe manufacturer.

The author, professionally engaged in building, landscape and environmental design, is also an appreciated designer and above all a passionate pipe smoker.

In this capacity he had published a very important monograph entitled "La Pipa - The best Italian brands" a couple of years ago, which we have already dealt with on the occasion of its first release, and which fans of slow smoking are waiting for. with trepidation the reprint, either because the book is now almost impossible to find, or because many cards need updates.

On the other hand, the panorama of Italian manufacturers is in rapid and constant evolution, so much so that it has to be continuously updated.

Baldi was one of the greatest Italian pipemakers of the last decades.

Born in 1947, he graduated in architecture, but soon decided that his first activity would become the construction of pipes.

All his life he worked in a small workshop in Genoa using very few tools.

The book manages to focus on this eclectic character in a particular and alternative way.

In the text space is given to pipes, but it also speaks of architecture, sculpture, painting, art in its many facets; everything is accompanied by several interviews, released directly to the author, who had the good fortune to meet him and attend him in person.

Morlin says: “Before you start leafing through the book, I suggest you load up and light your pipe. If you have a Baldo Baldi even better, you will enter through the main door.

In this publication I have tried to highlight the personality of a great Italian pipe builder.

A name that identifies a nation, a tradition, a history, and that represents us all. I enjoyed myself in Baldo's studio. The more I deepened his personality, the more references emerged taking shape and substance.

An extraordinary person who made me think a lot. I hope I was able to grasp the most relevant traits of his pipe-making experience. Good smokes and good reflections ".

This monograph presents Baldo Baldi in the round.

It tells about his life and interprets his art and his thoughts.

Diego Morlin was able to grasp the testimonies of his incomparable work with zest and passion.

And he has provided us with a text that represents an essential tool for understanding the art of one of the most important Italian producers, which has contributed decisively to ensuring that today Italian pipes are the most sought after and appreciated in the world.

Diego Morlin's book "I am Baldo Baldi" is only available in Italian.

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