Big Gino Pepino Loco Vol.38% Cl.100 Roby Marton gin Gin
Big Gino Pepino Loco Vol.38% Cl.100 Roby Marton gin Gin

Big Gino Pepino Loco Vol.38% Cl.100

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  • The combination of classic botanicals with the addition of cucumber, lemons from Puglia, mint make this gin extraordinary!

  • A combination of vitality in a light gin and as always in the name of the natural.

  • One liter bottle

  • Italian Gin.

Big Gino Pepino Loco is the tastiest and most Mediterranean gin in the Roby Marton premium Italian gin family, with a beautifully decorated bottle.

A world novelty where the botanicals of gin meet the delicate, fresh cucumber combined with lemon from Puglia and mint.

Decorated liter bottle, which derives from the bottle previously used for drips.

Big Gino Pepino Loco is a gin deriving from the maceration of lemon, mint, cucumber, angelica through the cold-compound process, together with the three classic botanicals of Big Gino.

In this gin, the dry aroma of juniper combined with the coolness of mint and citrus from Puglia is predominant and decisive, but at the same time elegant and balanced, engaging ... you have never drunk such a good gin!

Without artificial preserves, even the color is 100% natural, its aromas and its taste amaze you ..

The waxed bottle allows the product not to lose its natural color over time.

The Big Gino gin was presented to the public on 13 and 14 September 2015 on the occasion of Gin Day in Milan, an important sector event dedicated to gin lovers.

The alcoholic base of the highest quality is organic wheat distillate, the aromatic essences that make up the recipe are produced within the Origin Laboratory starting from botanists who are also all certified organic.

Among the botanicals used for the production of Big Gino gin we find pomelo and pimento which give an extraordinary character to Big Gino gin.

The same berries, petals, leaves and lemon peels are part of the raw materials already used in the production process to create the range of Bio Liqueurs.

The 5 selected botanists and Lurisia spring water express through their origins the territory that goes from the Ligurian Riviera to the Maritime Alps, passing through the ancient salt routes of the Bormida Valleys.

A path in the north west of Italy from the Mediterranean scrub to the inland undergrowth up to 1416 meters above sea level.

An entirely Italian gin in a characteristic bottle, unfiltered to keep all its flavors natural. Refined and at a competitive price, Big Gino is distilled in small quantities and bottled by hand.

Ideal tasting of Gin Big Gino Pepino loco with tonic, ice, a splash of lime, cucumber as a garnish.

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