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The passion of Silvano Samaroli continues today with the Samaroli Srl Wine & Spirits Merchants.
Samaroli Srl Wine & Spirits Merchants, has become the name par excellence of the Single Malt, whiskey selected on the Scottish territory and bottled with the Samaroli label.

After decades spent in the distillery, for all it was the Lord of the Spirits.
Silvano Samaroli, born in 1939, was from Bologna (born in Benghazi), but his heart, the elective affinity with a tradition of which he would become an ambassador in Italy and in the world, had led him to establish a privileged bond with Scotland , in the Highlands where malt whiskey is born.
First agent, then commercial director of a liquor company, and the spark for that universe of spirits yet to be discovered, when on the other side of the English Channel, and in Italy, the market only imported Blended.
On the other hand, starting from the 1960s, in 1968 it was the first company with the name of Samaroli Srl Wine & Spirits Merchants, it had become the name par excellence of Single Malt, whiskey selected on the Scottish territory and bottled with the Samaroli label.
Samaroli is the first non-Scottish or English to approach the job of breeder and refiner and is the first independent non-Scottish bottler.
His fame is such that the cellars of the largest Scottish distilleries are opened and he selects the best barrels .... then he takes care of them and carefully ages them.
Born a catalog of references from independent bottler, even "heretical", that his talent scout of single malt whiskey had been able to impose to the great professionals of the sector.
But Samaroli does not stop at single Scottish malt, it also turns its interest towards the noble Caribbean rum.
The bottles of whiskey or rum Samaroli are bottles without compromise.
Unique in their kind.
And today among the most expensive, precious, drunk with rum and whiskey.
Appreciated by such connoisseurs, the bottles of whiskey and rum Samaroli are beaten at international auctions at crazy prices.
The Samaroli, whose headquarters is located in Rome, is responsible for researching the best spirits in the world, selecting the most interesting matches and then buying them and selling them under its own brand.
It is a particularly engaging challenge, which requires great effort and effort to understand the right methods of assembly and refinement, necessary to give life to unique specimens, to then propose to its exclusive and passionate customers.
The Samaroli Srl Wine & Spirits Merchants, is today able to offer the most secret Whiskey of Scotland, from the island of Islay to the Speyside, passing through the great Rum as Demerara, the Australian Fiji and the various labels coming from the Caribbean.
Selected excellences with few bottles, that have made the history and the tradition of different places and that only a careful and passionate reality like Samaroli is able to search.

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