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In 1909 the distillery reopens with a new name, Tomatin Distillers Co. Ltd, and with its two stills produces the excellent single malt of the Highlands.

It was officially born in 1897, during the "whiskey boom", with the name of Tomatin Spey District Distillery Company; even if a manor house, the Old Laird's House, already stood in the area during the 15th century, with an outbuilding used as an illegal distillery.

This distillery supplied whiskey to passing herdsmen who brought their cattle from the mountains to the market town of Tomatin.

The Tomatin Distillery was the largest producer of whiskey in the 70s: now, one step away from its 125th anniversary, it focuses on sustainability and the quality of a smooth, fruity Highland whiskey with a great personality.

Located a few kilometers below Inverness, in the heart of the Highlands, Tomatin has a history that is closely linked to that of Scotch whiskey in the twentieth century.

Founded in 1897, in the midst of the end-of-the-century whiskey boom, the distillery experienced a few years of uncertainty until 1909, when it began to produce steadily.

From then on the growth process was constant, with continuous expansions: between 1956 and 1974 the stills went from 2 to 23, and at the time Tomatin became the largest distillery in Scotland with a production capacity of over 10 million liters per year.

While generating even a small amount of whiskey intended to be bottled as single malt, in recent years the distillery business was mostly bulk supply, i.e. the production of malt whiskey as a component for blended wines, among which Antiquary and The Talisman.

However, Tomatin's point of maximum expansion coincides with one of the biggest crises in the whiskey industry, and in fact the distillery will never work at full capacity; indeed, in 1985 it was put into liquidation.

At this point, two historical customers of the distillery, the Japanese Takara Shuzo and Okura & Co, took over Tomatin, making it the first Scottish house with oriental ownership.

The path is therefore recalibrated, and the focus becomes quality rather than quantity: having acquired The Antiquary brand in 1997, a part of the production continues to be destined for blending, but slowly the aim is to relaunch Tomatin as a single malt.

In 2013 the distillery released the Cù Bòcan the first version of peated Tomatin single malt (40ppm).

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