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Poul Winslow is one of the last masters of Denmark's artisan pipe-making tradition.

The tradition of producing pipes of the highest quality begins in Denmark with the Stanwell pipes, is then exalted by the master craftsman Bang and finally the baton of this tradition is taken up by Poul Winslow.

Poul wants his pipes to be colorful and make the owner happy in a perhaps rather "grey" world.

Danish pipe maker Poul Winsløw is 45 years old but has been in the industry for 28. So he was almost a kid when he started. His first job was with the Danish pipemaker Preben Holm, and I must first say a few words about this important and, I believe, very well-known man.

Poul Winslow managed the production of Preben Holm for fifteen years and in 1985 decided to start his own business.

His wealth of ideas and his courage to shape shapes and use particular colors are the factors that characterize his pipes.

The classic Danish pipe shapes, the colors of the Danish pipes, evolve in Winslow's interpretation.

Characteristic of Winsløw pipes is briar, a very aged briar, chosen for its perfection and lack of impurities or defects.

The briars chosen by Winsløw are perfect both aesthetically and qualitatively, the flaming, the so-called gold thread, the bird's eyes are enhanced in all the shapes of the tobacco pipes that Winslow creates in his laboratory.

Master Winsløw's tobacco pipes are born from these perfect briars, very light masterpieces.

The best are the pipes of the Crown 200 and 300 lines, the Crown Viking and the most beautiful Winslow Straight Grain.

Poul still has his workshop attached to his house in Hvidovre, a suburb south of Copenhagen.

He rebuilt an annex in a rather small but very well organized place for the production of pipes.

He works here together with 2 assistants and they produce around 900 pipes per year and today he has difficulty satisfying the large and growing demand for his pipes from many different countries.

Poul wants his pipes to be colorful and make the owner happy in a perhaps rather "grey" world.

Perhaps this is inherited from his father, who was a painter. He likes to use inlays in different materials such as buxbom, acrylic, silver, laburnum (a very beautiful wood with rich grains) and others.

He also uses a variety of colors from dark brown to very light.

The pipes of the "Crown 200 and 300" series

The original WINSLÖW pipes are obviously quite expensive, but Poul also wanted to have cheaper pipes to offer his customers.

So, a few years ago, he started making a series called CROWN. He absolutely states that these pipes are no second to the original WINSLÖW private collection pipes.

They are made of briar with less dense and less potential grains, sorted upon arrival in his laboratory.

They have a pre-formed acrylic mouthpiece finished with the pipe and not a hand-cut acrylic stem, which can be equipped with a filter to break down harmful tobacco substances.

From personal experience I can say that CROWN pipes are also of excellent quality.

In these pages of and in the Parabiago shop you will find many pipes from the "Crown 200 and 300" line selected for their beautiful briar and for their balanced, sinuous and perfect shapes.

“Crown Collector”, “Crown 300”, “Crown 200”, and “Viking” are all tobacco pipes with an excellent quality/price ratio, suitable for beginners and more experienced smokers.

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