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Finally available a reliable and powerful electric arc lighter.
The Tycoon electric arc lighter is easy to use and charge.

Tycoon Lighters was created in 2012 in Hong Kong, China.Like other international brands lighters, it is a type of Fuel Lighters.

However, there is a difference between this and other brands of lighters, the price.

Tycoons Lighters are produced with Chinese machinery and subject to fewer tariffs, combined with the lack of initiators, our products tend to be much cheaper.

Tycoon cigarette lighters have a classic, elegant, yet sharp character, combined with superb craftsmanship and tasteful designs, highlighting their individuality and charm.

Classic Tycoon lighters, is not just a simple lighter, it is also a fashion gift, I believe that people who like it are the same people who believes that life is full of hope and live with confidence. L

et the Tycoon spirit live forever. Hong Kong Tycoon Lighters is a domestic brand, it is also the pride of national industry, and therefore our company are focus more on consumer care. Similar foreign products in China have no customer service department, just dealers selling devices.

Tycoon has established a nationwide service network since it does not wants to cause incidents that will bring unhappiness to customers.

On the bottom of the lighter: "HK" for where the lighter was made "Hong Kong (HONGKONG)".

The acronym right above with three digits represents the chassis model; on the bottom left will be year of production. Tycoon refilling methods are similar to international brands.

Tycoon lighter market price: 100 or so (for general style). It is great for gifting to older friends with all intended respect.

We see the big picture and start from the details, going everywhere in between, allowing you to feel the elegance, style, and the free and natural taste in each lighter.

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