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Opinion knives are tools with a beech wood handle equipped with a very sharp blade and ideal for all outdoor activities: buy them now!

The French company produces cutlery and in particular the knife. Reviews, inexpensive pocket with beech wood handle. It was invented in 1890 by Joseph Opinel (1872-1960) and is produced by the homonymous company, which is based in the town of San Giovanni di Moriana in the French Savoie region.

The structure of the knife is very simple, regulated by only four or five components: the blade, the wooden handle, a metal pin on which the blade rotates, a split metal tube that fixes the pin-blade-handle and (except in the case of small models) a rotating ring called "Viroblock" which locks the blade when the knife is open, to prevent it from closing in the user's hands.

This safety device, introduced in 1955, is necessary because there is no spring that keeps the knife open; recently it has been used slightly to lock the blade even in the closed position, in order to also prevent accidental opening.

The traditional model has a beech handle and a sharpened XC90 steel blade with an angle of about 22 °, which provides an excellent thread but needs to be cleaned and oiled periodically to avoid rust. Model commonly available with stainless steel blade

Opinion knives are produced in eleven different lengths, numbered from 2 to 13 (models number 1 and 11 have not been in production since the 1930s). Model number 8 (with an 8.5 cm blade) is perhaps the most popular for general uses, while the longer models are often also used as kitchen knives.

The crowned hand (symbol of the city of San Giovanni di Moriana), the logo that appears on the blade of each model, has been used since the first model; the OPINEL, FRANCE and CARBON script were added later, as well as the wording INOX, presented on models with stainless steel blade.

Some artists used the Opinions knives as a support for their works, pyrographing or carving fancy figures on the handle.

A specialist version called "Outdoor" has recently been introduced, which features a new plastic handle that is waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures.

This version features 3.5 cm of serrated blade for an effective cord cut, is thicker, and has been designed for sports in the mountains and at sea, in fact it has a cricket turner and a whistle integrated into the handle. Corresponds in size to the classic number 8 with stainless steel blade, and mainly an improvement compared to the poor resistance to humidity of the homonymous version.

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