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Artisanal Clairin is the quintessential Haitian terroir.

Today there are less than fifty steaming distilleries in all the Caribbean, while in Haiti there are still 532 of them. They are artisan and artistic productions, some tiny, widespread in the only Caribbean territory.

Clairin plays an important role in Haitian culture, it covers an essential part of Haiti's daily life, from social functions to voodoo rituals.

Haiti is the last frontier of rhum agricultural and Clairin are the rhum born and raised on this fantastic island (it is no coincidence that clairin means rhum agricultural in the local language).

In 1804 the Haitian people were the only ones to fiercely rebel against slavery and the whole island thus received a red card from the western world. Here, in fact, there is a wonderfully pure landscape: original, unhybridized cane varieties, no chemicals in agriculture, spontaneous fermentations without selected yeasts, archaic distillations and no filtration.

All this leads to unexplored and surprising aromaticity, for what are considered the only natural rums in the world and therefore recognized within the Triple A name, of the importing company Velier.

The Clairin Triple A are expressed at the moment of tasting through unique and very interesting typicalities, which are the result of different techniques, used in the different regions: cane variety, distilled liquid (pure fresh juice or pure concentrated juice) and type of distillation.

There are certainly many aspects that can be improved, but the potential is absolutely high to produce perhaps the best white rums in the world.

The aromatic intensity of these Clairin is unbeatable.

The hope is that a movement will be set in motion, of opinion and commercial, which will allow the survival of these hundreds of artisanal distilleries, which unknowingly produce the only organic rhum agricultural, and which in the coming years will be attacked invoking the demagogic laws healthcare, which have as their objective standardization and concentration.

Rules of the Clairin Triple A protocol


• The sugar cane varieties must be native and preferably not hybrid.

• The cultivation of sugar cane must be organic, it must follow traditional production techniques, without the use of synthetic chemicals (herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides etc.).


• Harvesting must be done strictly by hand.

• The transport of sugar cane from the fields to the distillery must take place through the use of animals.


• The fermentation of sugar cane juice must exclusively take place through the use of natural yeasts, without the addition of industrial yeasts and without dilution with water.

• Fermentation must last at least 120 hours.

• Distillation takes place inside stills with a maximum of 5 copper plates in direct contact with the fire.

• The spirit must be bottled at the degree of exit of the still.

• Bottling must take place in Haiti.

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