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The wonderful Appleton Estate Jamaica rums have a unique profile, produced only in Jamaica and only at Appleton with sugar cane from Cockpit Country.

Appleton Estate is Jamaican's oldest sugar cane plantation for producing prestigious rums for nearly 300 years.

Born on the oldest sugar cane plantation in Jamaica, the Appleton Estate distillery is a true institution in the field of overseas rum.

The company was officially founded in 1749 in Nassau Valley, although legend has it that the plantation on which it stands was planted by Sir Francis Dickenson, an English soldier who participated in the invasion of the continent almost a hundred years earlier, in 1655.

The fact that Sir Francis was born in "Appleton" a charming village of just 920 souls located in present-day Oxfordshire (UK) is striking.

The main ingredient used, sugar cane, is born in an area surrounded by greenery at about 400 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountain ranges that reach an altitude of 2000 meters.

A unique micro-climate, with warm and sunny mornings and afternoons characterized by showers of tropical origin that occur every day all year round around 14.00 as confirmed by Joy Spence.

In fact, since 1749, the Appleton Estate plantation extends for over 4,200 hectares and is located in the center of Jamaica, in the Nassau Valley, at more than 400m above sea level.

The search for quality throughout the production process is a must of the company: 10 different types of cane are distilled to achieve the right complexity, the yeasts are natural and typical of the plantation and the water is directly taken and filtered from the source of the Cockpit Country.

Even during aging, quality is guaranteed: in fact, ex Bourbon American oak barrels are used and all aged rums must comply with minimum aging standards.

The company currently uses about 10 different types of sugar cane, this allows to give the rums in production different flavors and aromas; natural yeast and filtered water from the limestone hills of Cockpit County are then used.

The style of distillation learns a lot from the English one. Discontinuous stills are used which give the rums a lot of taste and a strong aroma, with an unmistakable vein of orange peel.

The rums produced from column stills are used to balance the more "exuberant" brothers from an olfactory point of view. Gentle fruity sensations dominate here, with exotic hints of banana, coconut and pineapple.

The English style is also respected with regard to the "Minimum Agening" policy, ie the rum blends used respect the number of years of aging reported in the bottle without any exclusion.

The barrels used are of American oak in the second passage after the production of Bourbon Whiskey.

Joy Spence, the first woman in the world of spirits to take care of the blending, holds the role of Master Blender.

She is the protagonist in the company. Joy Spence, the Appleton Master Blender, in a recent interview states that these climatic conditions are perfect for sugar cane thanks to the constantly moist and fertile soil.

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