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Italian doctor with a passion for pipes, fascinated by Danish pipes and classic shapes, he is a pupil of Gabriele Dal Fiume.

The attention to detail and the strong aesthetic sense make his creations unique, masterpieces.

With a very small production of pipes, only 25 maximum 30 per year, Massimo Damini stands out for the high quality of his creations.

Doctor, passionate pipe smoker, he began to devote himself to the production of pipes for Hobbies.

His passion for briar, for this creative hobby and the acquaintance with the master Gabriele Dal Fiume Pipemaker pushed him to improve more and more

He draws inspiration from Danish pipes, with classic shapes, revisiting them to produce pipes of the highest aesthetic quality and maximum dynamic functionality.

Massimo Damini is a rising star in the world of artisans, small producers of Italian pipes.

His pipes are true masterpieces .... discover them with us!

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