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The Amaro AMARA is born by selecting the best PGI Blood Orange peel of Sicily, which the workers of the ROSSA SICILY Distillery produce in their own orange groves, with water from the springs and the wild herbs of Etna.

AMARA is a natural amaro because it is produced with cultivated IGP Blood Oranges of Sicily, avoiding the use of chemicals.

Rossa is a young and brilliant Sicilian farm born from the entrepreneurial impetus of two young friends, Edoardo Strano and Giuseppe Librizzi, in love with their land and intent on enhancing it starting from one of its most famous excellences: blood oranges.

Thus was born the idea of producing an elegant amaro with a modern and youthful character, closely linked to the Sicilian territory and obtained from the famous Sicilian citrus fruit.

It is an artisanal and limited production that has met with great success not only in Italy but also throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

Rossa is based in the municipality of Misterbianco, located on a hill on the slopes of Etna which is particularly fertile and has always been suited for the cultivation of citrus fruits.

Here, thanks to the volcanic and mineral nature of the soil and the significant temperature ranges, high quality Sicilian blood oranges are produced, especially in the two varieties of Tarocco Giallo and Tarocco Nocellara.

For the production of the amaro, the peels of these varieties are used, infused in alcohol with local wild herbs and sugar, without the addition of additives.

Water, alcohol, sugar and natural orange and herb flavors are the only ingredients used.

Instead, a high quality sweet jam is produced from the pulp of these oranges.

Amara di Rossa is the intense and pleasant expression of a land blessed by the sun and nature.

It expresses citrus and Mediterranean sensations, with hints of blood orange in the foreground followed by notes of herbs and orange blossom that chase each other in a balanced and pleasantly bitter sip.

The producers recommend enjoying it cold at the end of a meal, as a digestive, but more and more barmen are using it as a unique and original ingredient in the preparation of aperitifs and after dinner drinks with a unique and original flavor, authentically Sicilian.

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