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Dunhill - The White Spot has been creating some of the highest quality lighters, pipes and smoking accessories in the world for 100 years, style icons adopted by Gentlemen and secret agents!

Dunhill - The White Spot creates some of the highest quality smoking tools and accessories in the world.

They are imaginative, glamorous, worldly, effortless and of the highest quality – the ultimate source of pleasure and status for people everywhere.

Alfred Dunhill opened his first pipe shop in 1906 in London with the idea of being able to satisfy a refined, sophisticated and distinguished clientele able to recognize the value of a high quality product.

"It has to be useful, it has to be reliable, it has to look good, it has to last, and it has to be the best of its kind."

These are the words of Alfred Dunhill who have guided the production of Dunhill pipes and accessories for smokers for more than a century.

The famous "White spot" first appeared on the hand-made vulcanite mouthpiece in 1915 so that the customer could know which side was facing up.

Around the same time, a one-year guarantee against defects was offered on the bowl of each pipe; and to ensure that much older Dunhill pipes were not exchanged under this guarantee, a simple numerical code representing the year of manufacture was invented and engraved on the bowl of each pipe.

This code is still in use, currently.

In the following years there has grown a great deal of interest in the mysteries of the Dunhill pipe in general and the numerical code in particular.

High standards of workmanship and exceptional quality characterize the pipes and smoking accessories produced by Dunhill - The White Spot.

How can we forget the famous Dunhill lighter - The White Spot, a style icon among English Gentlemen and spies of the caliber of 007...

In a short time the "white spot" brand became famous all over the world, a symbol of tradition and excellence.

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