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Small Cuban distillery, dedicated to the production of an excellent molasses rum, which as per tradition warms the heart and gives a smile!

The Cuban Rum represents without fear of contradiction the world pinnacle of quality Rums. And Santiago de Cuba is its undisputed sanctuary, thanks to its ancient distilleries dating back to the mid-1800s, which made Cuban rum known all over the world.

Among them, the Vigia distillery stands out, which elaborates its "Gran Reserva" from sugar cane molasses.

The production of the "Gran Reserva" is limited to only 4500 bottles, all numbered and subjected to extremely strict quality controls.

After distillation, the "Gran Reserva" is left to mature for a good 18 years in selected American white oak barriques.

Vigia thus obtains a product of great value, an expression of the tradition of Cuban rums.

Scrupulously monitoring each production step, they never lose sight of the highest quality standards, so that today the "Gran Reserva" Rum is one of the most sought after and appreciated Cuban Rums by lovers and enthusiasts of the genre.

Vigia was the first distillery to be born in Santiago de Cuba, and as such it was also the distillery that more than others contributed to making known throughout the world what is now one of the finest distillates ever. Vigia can also boast the personal coat of arms of the great American writer Ernest Hemingway, who was an important admirer of Cuban Rum.

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