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Baldo Baldi pipe, Perique's Genoese architect, rare and expensive pipe tobacco, personally produces his precious roots in roots.

Baldo Baldi's love for pipes began way back in 1966 when he started building some for friends.

In the 70s he decided to stop working as an architect and dedicated his entire life to making pipes.

Since that moment he has never ceased to amaze enthusiasts and collectors..... Buy Baldo Baldi pipes, precious works of art made in Italy, and you will be able to stand out among pipe smokers...

The pipes of the architect Baldo Baldi, made personally and exclusively by hand, are the result of long and patient workmanship.

Baldo Baldi's secret is the briar plates, the wood for fine pipes that he preserves and ages in his laboratory in Genoa.

Baldo pipes are made with Ligurian briar, from Badalucco and Arma di Taggia, and seasoned for 20-25 years in his laboratory.

He spent hours trying to find the best shape for each block of briar, working the pipe like a real sculpture.

To make his pipes he only used files, rasps and sandpaper.

In his workshop there are no other power tools other than a drilling and polishing machine.

The mouthpieces are handmade with lucite, cumberland and their perfect drilling remains an architect Baldi's secret.

Each Baldo Baldi pipe is a unique piece, a work of art inspired by the great Italian architects and designers.

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