Since 1984 we are present in the world of tobacconists and tobacco.

First with the family tobacconist then since 1992 with Tabaccheria Toto13, our personal tobacconist.

Two historic tobacconists, run for a long period at the same time to develop two complementary worlds of interests, the world of tobacco, noble smoke and the combination with rare and collectible distillates.

In the long run, our personal interests, developed in research and travel around the world, become experiences to continually deepen, grasp, transmit and put at the service of our customers, such as pipe smokers and cigars and fans of rum, whiskey or grappa .

Our experiences in the world of tobacco or distillates become philosophies of life to be safeguarded and summarized in:


The attention to our work is equal to the Passion that for thirty years binds us to the world of tobacco intended as pipe and cigar worship and to the world of distillates intended as pairings to try and experiment.

This passion over time has been enriched with experience that is our great human capital, more precious and irreplaceable.

The experience then guarantees the quality of the products that we personally select and of the services we offer day by day to our customers and on which they can always rely.

Last but not least, the responsible gaming sector in which we are in the Italian top-ten for games and winnings.

With the quality we reserve them the professionalism that means to accompany them and advise them in the wide choice of cigars, pipe tobaccos, whiskey, rum, cognac, grappa and liqueurs.

Above all, transmit their pleasure to the world of noble smoke and rare and collectible distillates.

Further attention to our customers is the commitment that our service center guarantees to their maintenance and repairs of tobacco pipes or lighters.

Now the times have seemed ripe for a presence on the web that allows us, thanks to our large warehouse ready for delivery, to bring the passion for the objects that we treat up to your home.

In 2011 the online tobacconist was born,

In all safety and comfortably you can buy from your smartphone and with just one click the best Italian handcrafted pipes, St. Dupont lighters, Zippo, Ronson, Imco or the big rum limited editions Velier or Japanese Nikka whiskey ... Levi's grappa, i Capovilla's distillates and the Samaroli whiskey selections ...

We will always be happy to meet you, to meet you in person, come and visit us in our renovated headquarters in Viale Legnano 33 in Parabiago, province of Milan, Italy.



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Welcome to Tabaccheria Toto13 Smoke & Spirits since 1992!

Nothing makes more sense than passion and for us tasting and smoking are an art to be combined with the right accessories selected from the best producers.
In our online shop we provide you with an infinite range of selected smoking accessories and rare spirits to satisfy your desires.

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