Our vision is to guide and help change towards a trade in smokers and distillates, a circular and renewable trade despite being a fair and environmentally friendly company.

Using our small dimensions and our flexibility, we are working to catalyze systemic changes through our daily operations, our entire value chain, our commercial partners, our suppliers and the industry in general.

In this way, we can continue to involve our customers and offer great choices of quality and eco-friendly products today and in the future.

"The big change requires bold actions and the courage to aim high.

At the same time, we must be humble about the challenges our planet is facing.

So if we want to make a real change we must be brave, overcome the limits and not be afraid to fail "

In the context of sustainability and research and achievement of environmental product and system performances, they can be grouped into three distinct macro-addresses.

1) Calculation and communication of the environmental performance of the product

The objective of this activity is to calculate the environmental impacts of a product throughout the entire life cycle according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology.

These studies can have a double purpose: both to understand which are the most impacting phases within a supply chain by simulating the result of any reduction actions that support communication to the final customer.

2) Company carbon management and supplier of goods and services with strategic plans to achieve carbon neutral.

The greenhouse effect is one of the main environmental problems generated by human activities. One of the things that the most sensitive companies can do is start a process of carbon neutrality that over time leads to "neutrality" according to a path that provides for the quantification of emissions.

The commitment to reduction, the compensation of residual emissions both with internal procedures and with partnering with patner with our own vision of environmental sustainability.

3) Small daily gestures and use of recycled materials for shipments.

To pack and pack your order we use packagings designed and tested for shipments in accordance with ISO 9002, approved by DHL and UPS.

These packs, even though new, are made up of 99% recycled materials: boxes, cartons, newspapers and document clippings.

Only in special cases (fragile objects, bottles, expensive objects) do we use plastic packaging.

Through this choice we achieve three fundamental objectives:

· Less waste of resources through the reuse of material still in good condition.

· Lower management cost which is reflected in the containment of packaging costs (almost zero) and transport for the benefit of the end customer.

· Easy and quick disposal of packaging (paper and cardboard only) by the end customer.