Choose your handcrafted pipe with a modern design by Viprati!

Choose from the wonderful Viprati V.i.p. or the four-leaf clover, a wide selection of Viprati pipes from the cheapest sandblasted to the 4 flamed four-leaf clover.

The Viprati pipes, characterized by the symbol of the four-leaf clover for luck, are made personally and exclusively, they are the result of a long and patient process.

Each Vibrati pipe is a unique and unrepeatable piece and the photos you see portray this exclusive freehand pipe.

The opinions on Viprati pipes are always excellent thanks to the high quality and high grade flamed briars used for the realization of these jewel pipes.

Both the experienced smoker and the beginner who approaches the pipe for the first time turn to us. For us it is a satisfaction to discuss everything pipe smokers should know, about the various types of tobacco and the anatomy of the pipe.

Online sale of Viprati pipes, wide choice of models and prices.

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