Tobacco Pipes

Do you want to smoke a pipe? Are you looking online for a good, beautiful, unique, perfect, functional pipe?

Do you want to choose your pipe from a wide range of types? Are you approaching the world of tobacco pipes and don't know which one to choose?

Buy the best tobacco pipes for sale online: wide assortment of the best Italian and foreign pipe manufacturing brands and artisan artists with their high grade pipes.

Tobacco pipes are objects, fascinating, technical tools that require great experience and a lot of passion.

We at Tabaccheria Toto13 look for and offer you online the latest, the best pipes in the world, the most famous, with excellent combustion, balanced and light!

Finally in a single shop the best famous tobacco pipes such as Dunhill - The white spot, Peterson, Tsuge, Castello, Radice, Ganci, Sauro, Poul Winsløw, Baldo Baldi, Tom Spanu, Amorelli, Gabriele Pipemaker, Damini, Gheppo, Ascorti, Tom Eltang, Kristiansen, Fiamma di Re, Mastro de Paja, Pipe Savinelli and Brebbia, Le Nuvole, Montini,

all tobacco pipes produced by Italian, Irish, Japanese and Danish master craftsmen!

Choose your handcrafted pipe in shiny or sandblasted dark briar or cob, on we have many different types of new tobacco pipes and also second-hand pipes and quality offers!

We will send it to your home with 48-hour express shipping!

Both the expert smoker and the novice who approaches the pipe for the first time turn to us to choose a good pipe or a pipe kit for beginners, or to get to know this smoking tool in depth.

For us it is a satisfaction to discuss the world of pipes, briar or foam, about new products, about pipe technology and to recommend smoking tools or pipe accessories...

what pipe smokers should know about the various types of tobacco and the anatomy of the pipe and how to do it.

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