Table lighters

How many times have we looked for a Vintage table lighter to hold on the desk to light the cigars?

How many times have we looked for a gift to complete the cigar corner, our beloved's smoking corner?

How many times have we looked for a perfect lighter to light the stove or the fireplace?

We found a solution to these problems, the table lighters by St. Dupont and Zippo.

Modern or vintage St.Dupont table lighters are jewels with slender shapes and perfect functioning.

St.Dupont table lighters have always been considered jewel lighters perfect as a gift and to complete the decor of a home or a managerial office.

The table or outdoor lighters of the American Zippo are instead more technological and suitable for use in the kitchen or Spartan.

The robust and long-necked Zippo are perfect for lighting stoves, fireplaces and barbecues.

Here we offer a wide selection of table and kitchen lighters from the best brands.

Choose the vintage table lighter or kitchen lighter that interests you most and we will send it to your home.

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