Milano pipe

Pipe Milano is a new brand that has entered the world of pipes and accessories for pipe smokers.

A craftsman specialized in the production of pipes and in 1996 he opened the laboratory in Parabiago where he created the line of classic pipes called "Milano pipes".

Pipe as pleasure tools, classic, refined, unrepeatable and light.

All the production stems from the desire that moved him from the beginning: to create a smoking pipe with his own hands to create a functional product, with attention to detail to which to give uniqueness, harmony and lightness.

Milano pipes are devoted to efficiency, practicality, good functioning, exclusive pipes to smoke every day.

The reason for its success is due to its ability to master classic tools, chisels and knives and the most advanced technologies with skill, its pragmatism, its imagination and its continuous search for quality.

All Milano pipes have an excellent, surprising value for money.

With classic and comfortable shapes, these pipes have been designed to be smoked every day, and are suitable for both beginners and already experienced smokers.

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