Accessories for Tuscan Cigars

Toscano Kentucky tobacco cigars, hand-rolled in Italy, have a particular shape and size and require special accessories.

... not only the Toscano, CTS, Amazon tobacco bitroncoconical cigars require 62% humidity and special precautions for conservation.

At Tabaccheria Toto13 you will find everything you need to store, cut, smoke a good Tuscan cigar !!

Are you looking for original smoking accessories and humidors specially designed for Toscano cigars?

On you will find a wide selection of original and cheap accessories, pocket cases for Toscano, cigar cutters, cigar checkers, scissors and guillotines produced by the most prestigious manufacturers.

Choose from our proposals, buy online we will ship them to your home with 48-hour express shipping!

We are retailers and points of sale Toscano Specialist, Mastro Tornabuoni, Amazon Cigars, Compagnia Toscana Sigari, Italico, Nostrano del Brenta.

To find out about our passion for habanos and for Tuscans, read the pages dedicated to them on the website, there you can find notions on Tuscan cigars of Kentucky Tobacco, on news, on Mastro Tornabuoni tastings or on combinations of spirits and Tuscans.

But TabaccheriaToto13.It is not just cigars from all over the world but everything that is important and fundamental for a good smoke.

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