Accessories for tobacco pipes

Pipe smoking is a passion, but this passion requires tools, accessories.
The tools or accessories for smoking the pipe must be of excellent quality, functional, comfortable to use.
Tools such as pipe lighters, cutters, tampers, pipe cleaners must be easy to use and robust, durable.
In these pages, thanks to our experience as pipe smokers, we have selected the best accessories that assist during smoking.
Pipe accessories of the best brands, lighters with horizontal pipe flame, pipe bags, filters of all sizes, smoke screens, pipe cleaners, ashtrays and solvents and racks to let the pipe rest after use.
Here we have collected the best accessories for cleaning or for loading the pipe and to help in the smoking.
The best accessories from Savinelli, Brebbia, Lubiski, Rattray, Arcadia, Peterson, Vauen, Denicotea, Rodger, Dhunill ... for smoking a pipe, luxurious or cheap but always perfect.
Both the experienced smoker and the beginner who approaches the pipe for the first time turn to us.
For us it is a satisfaction to discuss everything
what pipe smokers should know, about the various types of tobacco and the anatomy of the pipe.

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