Liquids for humidifying

All cigar enthusiasts have problems with humidity, problems with keeping humidity in cigar boxes and mold forming.

How to solve problems related to humidity maintenance in cigar boxes?

How, when and with what to replace the humidifying sponges in cigar boxes?

How to eradicate mold and bad smells from cigars?

Glycol-based humidifiers are the solution to all these problems!

With our experience as retailers and refiners of Cuban cigars, Davidoff and cigars from Tuscan manufacturing we have verified that glycol-based humidifiers are the best tools to keep humidity at 69-70%.

Glycol-based humidifying liquids keep molds and odors away from humidors.

Discover our entire selection of glycol-based humidifiers, choose the one that's right for you and we'll send it to you at home.

Online sales of cigar accessories for humidification and maintenance of your cigars boxes!

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