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Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70
Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70
Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70 Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70 Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70

Amarica - Amaricato with rum Vol.28% Cl.70

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  • Herbal liqueur made from a Demerara rum from Guyana.

  • Italian artisan product of Antica Acetaia Dodi.

  • Excellent at the end of a meal, thirst-quenching and digestive.

  • Bitter that can be combined with cigars.

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Amarica - amaricato rum, the amaricated liqueur that revolutionizes the world of amaros: the ancient art of Italian herbal liqueur meets the finest distillates in the world, for an unprecedented quest for quality.

Amarica is the premium version of an amaro: no longer herbs infused and macerated in neutral alcohol, but in fine distillates capable of giving a decisive imprint and greater depth of flavour.

In this case, the starting distillate is an extremely fine rum, a demerara white rum distilled in Guyana by Demerara Distillers, which gives the characteristic notes of sugar cane, molasses and toffee: here many aromatic herbs and roots are added , among which absinthe, quassio wood and cinchona, mace and ginger, mint, eucalyptus and citrus peel stand out…

The quality of the alcoholic base determines the quality of the result, the premium liqueur is born, a union between Italian inspiration and Caribbean passion

The result is a refined amaricate of exceptional pleasantness, which will conquer you and you will never be able to forget it.

Amarica - amaricato rum, the non plus ultra among the Italian artisan liqueurs.

Tasting notes:

Color: Amber, dark.

Perfumes: very rich in perfumes with a good evolution in the Glencairn tasting glass. There are hints of orange, raisins, banana, and Modica chocolate with salt, the mint note gives a drop of balsamic vinegar.

Taste: on the palate it is soft and silky, with notes of sugar cane, a pinch of green, caramel followed by honey and vanilla and the classic, noble, natural bitterness of herbal digestives. It ends in freshness with mint. Satisfy the palate!

We have combined Amarica - amaricato rum with the new Capitol cigars, scented and sweet Nicaraguans, an excellent contrast, it will win you over.

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