Mezcal Monte Alban with gusano Vol.40% Cl.70 Sazerac Company Tequila
Mezcal Monte Alban with gusano Vol.40% Cl.70 Sazerac Company Tequila

Mezcal Monte Alban with gusano Vol.40% Cl.70

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  • Mezcal Monte Alban is produced only with the central part of the Espadin agave, the best.
  • The larva of the Gusano insect is placed inside the bottle.
  • Golden and very fragrant.
  • Great to drink straight.

Mezcal Monte Alban was one of the first mezcals to be marketed all over the world.

Today it is distilled in a continuous still from the Espadin agave plant, following a modern production method, through the "difusor", a machine that carries out the entire process starting from raw agave, up to column stills.

Mezcal is a traditional distillate produced in Mexico and obtained exclusively from agave; rather similar to Tequila for taste olfactory characteristics it differs from it being the fruit of only the central part of the plant, the purest.

To enhance its aromatic characteristics, the company, which is the infamous Sazerac Company, inserts a larva of a typical insect that originally lives in the agave plant inside each bottle!

This Monte Alban comes from the Oaxaca Region and is the result of a double distillation that makes use of small secrets stolen from the Aztecs.

Secularity and innovation, as well as a great knowledge of the raw material, make up this unique product, an indispensable element for many cocktails.

Tasting Notes:

Color: very intense golden yellow.

Aromas: on the nose it expresses fruity hints of citrus, sweet spicy notes of saffron and vanilla, woody sensations of bark and musk and slight mineral hints.

Taste: The taste reveals a good body and a tasty, soft and sinuous taste, harmonious in the many aromatic returns and very persistence in the long nutmeg finish.

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