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The rum distillation "Pusser's" is similar to that of single malt whiskies and this gives them a strong and unique style and character.

Pusser's Rum is the most famous brand of British Navy Rum, the style that has been the blend consumed by regulation from the British navy for centuries and until July 31, 1970, day of the Black Tot day.

After the end of this tradition the traditional recipe was taken in 1979 by the former naval officer Charles Tobias, and marketed under the name of Pusser's, today almost a myth for lovers of the genre.

It is a blend of different origins, mainly rum from Trinidad and Guyana, and the founding part of the blend is rum from the still pot still in Port Mourant wood.
The name Pusser's derives from 'purser', the responsible on board the food stocks, even and above all rum.

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