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Tanqueray is a brand of English gin marketed all over the world and included among the 10 best gins in the world.
Tanqueray gin is very famous and always appreciated by gin enthusiasts who research and collect the limited Tanqueray editions.

Charles Tanqueray, born in 1810 in Tingrith, Bedfordshire, descended from a French family of silversmiths, who moved to England in the eighteenth century; here the family changed profession and for three generations they engaged in the religious sphere. In 1830, Charles Tanqueray broke with tradition and, after a thorough study of the herbs and several years of experimentation, he defined the recipe for a gin and opened a distillery in Vine Street, in the Bloomsbury district of London, an area known in that period, for spring waters.
When Charles died in 1868, the company passed under the direction of his son, then twenty years old, Charles Waugh Tanqueray. The child's policy aimed at growth in the international market.

The two prominent gins of the Tanqueray are

Tanqueray London Dry Gin (1830): original variant, contains juniper, coriander and angelica roots. The alcohol content up to 2016 was 47.3 °, currently it is 43.1 °.
Tanqueray No. Ten (2000): superpremium variant of gin, delicate, balanced, with citrus and fresh hints, designed mainly for the realization of the classic stirred, in particular the Martini cocktail. It takes its name from the distiller in which it is produced, the "Tiny Ten" is obtained through a process that includes four distillations; during the last distillation whole citrus fruits are infused (orange, grapefruit, lime), juniper, coriander and chamomile flowers, selected and processed by hand for 18 months

 Tanqueray gin limited edition variants

Tanqueray Malacca Gin: created as an alternative to London dry to satisfy lovers of "soft" taste, Malacca is an Old Tom Style gin that had little commercial success. In 2013, following an evolution of the market, especially the American market, Malacca was re-proposed to the market.
Tanqueray Old Tom
Tanqueray Bloomsbury
Tanqueray Lovage.

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