List of products by brand L'anatra pipe

Young Italian pipe producer immediately established among the best artisan producers.

His pipes are characterized by a fusion of originality and innovation without neglecting beauty, elegance and above all quality.

The Duck with Golden Eggs was founded in 1998 by Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci.

The pipes "The duck with the golden eggs" are born from a fusion of originality and innovation without neglecting the beauty and elegance of the classic, but above all without forgetting the highest quality of the product.

L'Anatra produces a lot of passion for handmade pipes one by one starting from the choice of the briar respecting its nature and giving each pipe its unmistakable style.

Nell'Anatra works with alacritic commitment but with extreme attention to detail, with the awareness that their product deserves particular attention in order to be competitive and to give them satisfaction.

The production of the duck is placed in the variegated Pesaro world of the pipe with its own significant originality; the original wavy characters of the Pesaro school are developed in rounded and opulent shapes, luxuriant and satisfied with the beauty of the grain that distinguishes them.

Courageous and original are some choices of details such as for example the "squeezing" of the horn band of some pipes and the recovery and development of some themes - placed on the margins of the Pesaro school - such as the multifaceted stoves.

The originality of the house logo also deserves mention; a small duck's head that fully "emerges" from the methacrylate stem.

A new symbol, a new way of understanding the pipe which, once again and with extreme satisfaction of the user and consumer, continues and develops ancient ideas with harmonious originality, which have their roots in the never forgotten industrious and noble craftsmanship of the Marche region.

The "duck with golden eggs" brand enjoys excellent opinions on pipes, as the products are made exclusively by hand and with different characteristics: smooth, sandblasted, combed, rusticated, flamed.

Passion for innovation and choice of briar make the style of these pipes original and unmistakable, giving pipe enthusiasts a unique and unforgettable experience.

The shapes are personal, often tapered and of all sizes.

The mouthpieces are always in methacrylate but often in colors other than the classic black.

Together these two people, different in so many points, come together and make their work unique: in fact, the duck pipes with golden eggs are marketed all over the world and everywhere an incredible technical and aesthetic quality is recognized, and still today it is very rare to find one with a defect.

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