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Online sales of fruit liqueurs Gabriel Boudier De Dijon.
Of course, the same respect for fruit is found in all the fruit creams and liqueurs developed by Gabriel Boudier.

Expertise and excellence are, for 140 years, the signature and the spirit of the Maison Gabriel Boudier.
A house has become a world unto itself.
Since its foundation in 1874, it has indeed been able to invent and diminish its traditional production processes to delight its exceptional ranges, amusing fruit and liqueur creams.
The history of the Casa Gabriel Boudier, is above all a passion, commitment.
It is also the story of a territory, of Dijon, that formed its signature, making the "Cream Cassis de Dijon" a protected and recognized geographical indication all over the world.
At the base of everything, at Maison Gabriel Boudier there are the men and the values ​​that guide them.
In 1909, Gabriel Boudier acquires Fontbonne house, founded in 1874 and gives it its name; he installed it at Boulevard de Strasbourg in Dijon and developed the business business until his death in 1918.
In 1936, the widow sells the House to Marcel Battault, who decides not to change its commercial name, synonymous with quality and reputation; he will transmit it to his nephew Pierre Battault.
So these are two families that have kept the values ​​and the spirit of Maison Gabriel Boudier high, well explained by the company's motto: "la qualité est un principe qui n'accepte aucun compromis", (Quality is a principle that does not accept any compromise). Since 1969, the headquarters have moved to Dijon for organizational reasons in the rue de Cluj.
Maison Gabriel Boudier remains the most significant independent and private entrepreneurial reality in the sector.

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