List of products by brand Nording Pipe Danemark

The pipe producer Nording is one of the first companies founded in Denmark for the production of tobacco pipes and accessories.

The Compass line is the cheapest and most famous of Nording pipe production.
The Nording Compass pipe is characterized by a chimney of a cylindrical root pipe and a long metal torch.
This is followed by the classic Stand Up shape, ie the base of the Nording Compass pipe chimney and cut for easy support.
On the underside of the fireplace is the Nording Compass logo, a Viking compass homage to this people who invented the compass.
The light and small Compass tobacco pipe with pre-carbonised chimney, with a low price is a pipe for every day.
The latest fashion launched sees the small Nording Compass pipe used to smoke the toscanelli or the Kentuky tobacco shortcuts, inserted in the whole fireplace and upside down ...
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