List of products by brand Casa Tequilera de Arandas

Mijenta means "My people" and wants to express the unity of its community in expressing the traditions of Mexican culture with the slogan. "Por la tierra, por people, por la vida".

Complex, silky tequila with a long finish.

The purest form of the agave plant meets the supreme expression of mijenta quality and craftsmanship.

Mijenta is a sustainable artisan tequila from the jalisco highlands, offering a unique super premium proposition.

The spirit was created by a passionate collective who believe in doing well by doing the right, and is crafted by Mexico-based tequilera master Ana Maria Romero.

The Mijenta Blanco tequila produced by Casa de Arandas is a jewel of its kind, as it should be considering the master tequilero revolutionized the production of the white tequila category.

It has notes of cinnamon and honey with a slightly smoky finish and flavors of sweet herbs, it is suitable for cocktails as well as to be tasted smooth.

Tequila Mijenta is certified Organic and Kosher.

The aspect of sustainability is not overlooked even in the final design and packaging process.

All components, starting from the label and box, are made from agave waste and the organization actively supports businesses and communities by purchasing all packaging elements locally.

Above all an identity product of its community because it engages small artisans, with the reinvestment of part of the profits and with the offer of health care and aid to families.

Mijenta, preserving and sharing the heritage of the traditions of the people of Jalisco, collects legends and myths handed down for centuries by the local population.

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