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Founded in 1775 by John and Hugh Drummond, Glenturret is Scotland's oldest active distillery and is located on the banks of the River Turret in the Perthsire (Highlands).

An extraordinary story, which has its roots in the myth of the Whiskey Glenturret Distillery for centuries is a landmark in Scotland, so much so that it is defined as Scotland's Oldest Working Distillery, the oldest still active distillery in the country.

During its long life it has been visited by writers and poets, including Robert Burns, and acclaimed by ministers and princes: its master distillers have been one of its most precious treasures and have given life to unique spirits, representative of the philosophy of this Scottish jewel Glenturret was the subject of study by the historian Roland Kissling, who attributes its birth to 1763, thanks to a rental document from Sir Patrick Murray of Ochentyre, the founder, dating back to that year: tasting a Glenturret it means tasting the most authentic and ancient essence of Scotch Whiskey.

The whiskey boom together with prohibition have upset the history of this distillery, but the production of Scotch has continued its course until today when it is still produced manually and according to the traditional method.

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