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Shanky's Whip is a blend of Black Irish Whiskey, other Irish spirits based on natural flavors of vanilla and caramel.

It is entirely distilled, blended and bottled in Ireland and is presented to the world with its original recipe and ready to conquer even the most unexpected.

The Shanky & Shireman distillery is located in County Cavan, Ireland. Shanky's Whip liqueur is made from a recipe from a fictional character called Shanky.

“Shanky has always been one who went against the tide: he liked the idea of whiskey, but at the same time he found it too strong; he liked the taste of the cream but not the texture and he liked the stout, which is obviously dark.

So he had a flash of genius and gave birth to "Shank's Whip", an Irish Whiskey-based liqueur."

This is the funny and original story, told by its producers, of the "Shank's Whip".

The liqueur, which comes in an intriguing retro-looking bottle, is produced from a base of Irish Whiskey, in which spices are infused and caramel is added, to give it an unusual creamy consistency.

Ready to conquer even the most unexpected, the "Shank's Whip" is distilled, blended and bottled in Ireland; it has a dark walnut color and is rich in buttery notes.

On the palate, then, it is persuasive and inviting; the spices stand out but also the caramel. Perfect on the rocks, it can also be tried in mixing.

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