List of products by brand Auchroisk distillery

Today, thanks to the great knowledge of Scotch whiskey and the international experience, the Auchroisk distillery lives again, always at very high levels.
The secret: excellent whiskey, selected woods, tradition, experience and long aging.

Built in 1974, at the height of the previous whiskey boom, it is one of the blended malt distilleries, among which J & B is the main one.

The distillery, with a production of over five million liters, was modernized and automated in 2015.

In addition to the large production capacity, it has large storage capacity thanks to numerous warehouses that can hold over 250,000 barrels, with plans to add four more buildings.

Very few official bottles are available, including the 25 year old Auchroisk whiskey released in the Special Releases.

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