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Glen Breton is one of the few producers of Canadian Single Malt.

Glen Breton is one of the few producers of Canadian Single Malt. Located in the Nova Scotia region of Glenville, the distillery was founded in 1990 by Bruce Jardine with the intention of producing Scottish-style Single Malt. The distillery, which has an annual production of 250,000 liters, is also a beautiful tourist attraction hosts a B & B. Its products are distinguished by two labels: Glen Breton Rare, an aging distillery product made in American oak barrels, and Glen Breton Rare Ice, aged in "Jost Vineyard's Ortega Ice Wine" wine barrels.

Glen Breton has become a famous name even before selling a single bottle of distillate because of the term "Glen", referring to the labels of famous Scottish whiskeys. Scotch Whiskey Association caused the use of the term, although the word "Scotch" did not appear anywhere, and the Canadian origin of the distillate was well-specified. After numerous judgments and appeals, Glen Breton has definitively won the quarrel in 2009, devoting in 2010 a 15-year-old whiskey called "Battle of the Glen" in honor of the legal battle.

The water used for its Single Malt descends from the granite rocks of the Mabou Highlands, between the roots of apples and maples in the area. The distillates, produced by its two copper buds, then take the hints of the surrounding vegetation in the old age warehouse, or apples, maples, cedars and pine trees. His 10-year-old Glen Breton is among the "101 whiskey to try before dying" in the same book by Ian Buxton. Really a Scotland of whiskey.

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