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Founded in Italy in 1884, Stock s.r.l. (Stock Italia) is a historic producer in the beverage sector and one of the best known and most appreciated worldwide. It is part of the Stock Spirits Group, which distributes a wide range of high quality European brands globally.

Lionello Stock's goal was to locally distil the wines of the nearby areas, highly sought after by the French to produce their cognac when downy mildew destroyed the crops in the Charente region.

Thus was born the "Cognac Stock Medicinal" which would be joined, in 1935, by the "1884 Cognac Fine Champagne" which, through small changes in the label, became, in 1955, the "Brandy Stock 84", the leading product of Casa Stock.

Old Camis & Stock production plant in Barcola

At the end of the First World War, the Stock, born in Austro-Hungarian Trieste, becomes in effect Italian and in a few years manages to conquer the market of the Peninsula.

New factories are built in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia.

Other commercial outlets are identified outside Europe: important distilleries are made in Egypt, Palestine, the United States and Brazil.

However, the center of business remains the old continent: success is based above all on the quality of the products, but also on the systematic use of marketing and advertising.

The Second World War dealt a severe blow to the company's development. Some of the most important Italian factories are destroyed, while others, located in Eastern Europe, are nationalized. During the war a part of the family took refuge in Sansepolcro, where it was hosted by Don Duilio Mengozzi, who hid Emma Varadi Stock in his home, thus saving her from racial persecution.

In 1948 the founder, Lionello Stock, passed away, but the company now has all the necessary means to overcome the difficulties of the postwar period.

The Stock builds its own relaunch on brandy: between the fifties and sixties the company becomes an international production reality, whose products are distributed in 125 countries on all continents. The market range expands to gradually include vodka, whiskey, grappa, bitters, gin, sweet liqueurs, including Limoncè, launched in 1997.

In May 1995 Stock Italia was acquired by Eckes A.G., a leading company in Germany in the production and distribution of spirits and fruit juices. In 2007 it became the property of the American fund "Oaktree Capital Management".

In the first months of 2009 the company began an important industrial reorganization plan which ended with the transfer of the company to Milan.

Since 2012, production has been completely delocalized to the Czech Republic, thus closing the Italian parenthesis forever, firing the last 28 workers and 2 managers.

In November 2013 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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