List of products by brand Vito Curatolo Arini

Producer of excellence of fortified wines called Marsala, he is very famous all over the world.

A story of Sicily, which best tells what happens when passion is combined with competence and a large territory, and the result of this meeting is found in every Marsala of Vito Curatolo Arini.

It was 1875, when Vito Curatolo Arini, in the wake of his success as a private winemaker, decided to transform his business into a winery.

In the midst of his own vineyards, in the westernmost portion of Sicily, he built what, still today, is an avant-garde oenological plant, and began to produce fine Marsala wines, appreciated and marketed, right away, all over the world.

Vito also commissioned Ernesto Basile, father of the famous "Sicilian Liberty" or "Art Nouveau", to design the label of his first Marsala; this label is still in use today and is known for its originality and elegance.

Each new generation then contributed to writing a new chapter in the history of the company, thus carrying on the family winemaking tradition.

A great contribution to the development of Vito Curatolo Arini and to the maintenance of its role on international markets was given by Antonio who, thanks to his precious chemical skills, has ensured an unmistakable added value to the company's products.

Today Vito's dream is kept alive by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren who, together with their children, manage the company; all work with full respect for the family legacy and for those who have worked in the company since its foundation.

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