List of products by brand Farmacia Clementi

  • Only the best root of Cinchona Officinalis is used.
  • Produced from ancient Italian recipes and traditions.
  • Produced with pride by the Clementi, Fivizzano, M. Carrara Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical laboratory dr. Clementi.

In 1884 the Dott. Giuseppe Clementi, botanical expert, creates in his pharmacy in the mountains and the Tuscan woods in Fivizzano (Lunigiana), the recipe of "China Clementi".

It is a unique Elixir, composed by the harmonious meeting of 2 precious varieties of tropical China (Cinchona Calisaya and the rare Succirubra) and various aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Even today the China Clementi is produced as then, using the original recipe of 1884 strictly, with the same commitment and the same passion of the time.

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