List of products by brand Credo

Crédo is a French brand specialized in the world of smoking and more precisely in the world of cigars.

Cigar cutters, cigar cutters, cigar holders, humidifiers, hygrometers, travel humidors or even maintenance accessories.

If you have a problem with your cigars or with the humidified box to store them, the French company Crede will provide you with the solution, a functional and definitive solution.

Creed thinks of everything to take care of your Cuban and Caribbean cigars.

The brand offers practical products with a sophisticated design that will appeal to cigar lovers, and is the world leader in humidity measuring instruments.

Crédo is now the largest humidor manufacturer in the world, creating more than 180,000 each year, and the quality of its products has earned it worldwide recognition.

In our online catalog you can find accessories and spare parts to repair your hygrometer, humidified cigar box, spare humidifier or everything you need to upgrade your cigar box.

It's up to you to try one of these models and/or other Crédo accessories by consulting the articles available on

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