First Gin with Romagna salt Vol. 43% Cl.70 Premiata officina Lugaresi distilleria Gin
First Gin with Romagna salt Vol. 43% Cl.70 Premiata officina Lugaresi distilleria Gin

First Gin with Romagna salt Vol. 43% Cl.70

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  • The first gin in the world that uses Cervia salt as a botanical.
  • The salty and bitter scents are accompanied by floral notes.
  • Excellent gin to be tasted straight or in cocktails.
  • Great gift idea, it will amaze I assure you!

Just launched and still little known, his story begins six years ago thanks to the passion of Federico Lugaresi and his innovative idea of ​​creating a Romagna gin with Romagna salt.

Today it is the only gin in the world that actually contains salt and for this reason it has truly unique characteristics and has an incredible taste that recalls the atmosphere and joy that unite Romagna and Romagna.

Gin Primo is a "Made in Italy" gin produced by hand, distilled with hand-picked botanicals and Cervia salt.

Primo Gin was born in Romagna where, for centuries, women have collected the salt and herbs that grow spontaneously there to prepare medicines and remedies.

Precisely this magical element and the story of the witches have inspired the packaging of gin and its label with childish lines, sweets that chase each other to create abstract figures, which in the details reflect the lines of the people and territories of Romagna.

Gin Primo with Cervia salt is in many ways an atypical, revolutionary and unsettling distillate, for others it is one of the clearest, crystalline and fascinating gins we have ever tasted.

The botanicals with which Gin Primo is flavored: Lavender, Erba Luigia, Santolina Cenere and obviously the salt.

Primo Gin is distilled in a batch copper alembic in a bain marie starting from an alcohol based on Italian wheat.

The fresh hand-picked botanicals are placed separately in a hydroalcoholic solution at 50 ° for 48 hours.

Subsequently, each botanical is pressed and the individual infusions are distilled separately and then mixed together.

The batches are small to ensure quality and continuity in the product, which is brought to an alcohol content of 43%.

Tasting Notes:

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Aromas: Gin Primo is striking on the nose with its balsamic aroma accompanied by floral notes and brackish notes.

Taste: On the palate it is complex, but soft, rich in salty and herbal hints. The notes of lavender and Luigia grass prevail, while the hints of salt persist even in the long finish

Primo Gin with Cervia salt is an excellent single with two ice cubes, in the classic Gin tonic, in the Tom Collins but in the very Italian Negroni cocktail it is exceptional!

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Hand made, discontinuous

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