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Today Toto13 sells online the top range of rum Saint James and limited editions of the famous Martinique distillery.

A return to the roots: Saint James is the first brand of rum 'managed' by Luca Gargano, the new product manager of the Spirit brand in 1975.
Luca organized the first award trip to Martinique for the agents. Saint James 'was convict,' and it was love at first sight, Luca fell in love with Martinique, the beaches, the palms, the Rhum and the Caribbean.

The Plantations St James brand was created by an enterprising Marseilles rum merchant from Paris, Paulin Lambert, who in 1882 deposits the name and at the same time the design of the famous flat-bottomed carrée bottle that still identifies this brand, and buys four distilleries, where he begins to produce the Saint James rum.

Paulin Lambert is one of the first entrepreneurs to use advertising to market a bottled alcohol product, using all the means of communication available: catalogs, posters, postcards ... anticipating all competitors and leading the brand to become a leader in Martinique, France and exporting to different world markets.
In 1967 it was bought by the rope company Picon, in 1971 Picon was bought by Cointreau, in 2003 by the La Martiniquaise group.

The last forty years of the history of Saint James have been marked by the presence in the company of Mr. Jean Claude Benoit, director general of the company for more than thirty years, probably the most important man of the agricultural rum for what he has done and continues to do.
The Saint James range is the largest and most complete in Martinique and in the Caribbean.

Velier has selected an exceptional blanc, seven aged and two thousandths.

The first is called Coeur de Chauffe, from the traditional name of the rhum of the Antilles distilled from the only Pot still, the only specimen left in Martinique.

Aged are the Vieux and the Hors d'Age, the range of the three that report the age, 7, 12 and 15 years, the Cuvèe Quintessence.

The two thousandths are the vintage 2000 and the vintage 1999, which is also a single cask.

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