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The Dartigalongue maison can boast the title of long-lived Bas Armagnac distiller in history, and has been active since 1838.

The Dartigalongue winery can boast the title of long-lived Bas Armagnac distillers in history.

At the end of the 1930s, the founder Pascal Dartigalongue founded the Dartigalongue house in Nogaro, in the heart of the Gascogne region, in the south-western part of France, and then bought, in the 70s, the "Lacroutz" vineyards in Salles d'Armagnac, still belonging to the company today.

We are talking about a story that sees at its base a perfect mix of tradition and foresight, thanks to which the Dartigalongue winery is step by step and has become a real institution in the Armagnac. Currently the winery belongs and is managed by successive generations that came after Pascal Dartigalongue, but the production methods have remained those of a time, strictly legal to the local traditions and to the pursuit of quality

In the best years, as always, millesimati distillates still continue to be produced, which together with the other bas armagnac, constitute a range of absolute level distillates, certainly among the most prestigious that can be found throughout the French Bas region Armagnac.

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