List of products by brand Maison Giraud

All the good aging cognacs are soft, buttery and never aggressive, with a fine aromatic texture.

With most of the land in the picturesque area of ​​Bouteville (about 35 hectares) the Maison Giraud, owned by the Giraud family since 1650, is a small family run business located in the first Cru of Cognac of Grande Champagne, where it has always been they produce great Cognacs of excellence. In fact, these are products of the highest quality, born only from white grapes and from the traditional philosophy of Giraud, characterized by production processes conducted entirely by hand. Here contemporaneity is not at home, but it is certainly the highest quality and traditional methods. The Maison Giraud has been able to consolidate over the years, thanks to countless generations that have followed, a stock of old cognac that allows today to offer the customer a constant quality in new bottling and a wide range of products of almost legendary rarity. All the grapes used are owned by the Maison Giraud, grown organically and harvested entirely by hand; vinification and distillation are then carried out with care and dedication, banning the use of chemical synthesis, which is totally absent. Thanks to the great natural springs that flow in the family cellars, the best conditions for a robust aging are also guaranteed; the final result is, therefore, a great softness and a delicate softness, a character not very frequent in the Grande Champagne area. Manichei to the end, among their productions the Giraud do not consider that vintage products, no mixture of brandy of different vintages therefore, everything, in fact, wants to underline the qualitative differences that in a natural way exist between one production and another. All their products of good aging are soft, buttery and never aggressive, with a fine aromatic texture. Among these the Très Rare, Cognac characterized by a very slow aging of forty years, deserves a special mention

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