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If you are passionate about Single Malt Scotch, Glenlivet is a historic step for you too, a discovery that you will never forget.

The Glenlivet distillery, the queen of distilleries.

Glenlivet was founded in 1824 and was the first Speyside distillery to obtain a license to distill according to the new parliamentary act of 1823.

Located in the most remote area of ​​Speyside with the Cairngorm mountain range to the south, the Glenlivet area is the wildest and most isolated, difficult to control and reach, a region with ample natural resources, crystal clear waters and rich peat that made the area perfect for the production of whiskey but also for the illegal distillation practiced in abundance since the beginning of the nineteenth century. THE

It is one of the most famous distilleries in the world and is located near the small town of Ballindalloch, in the heart of the Scottish region most famous for the quality of its Whiskeys.

Its name derives from the area in which it is located, Livet Glen, considered as one of the most suitable places for the production of whiskey thanks to the environmental conditions including the quality of the water and the climate.

The years pass and Glenlivet thanks to its excellent product increases its sales and the company begins to expand.

Glenlivet represents one of the best-selling single malts in the world and in the 70s it ranked first in the American market.

For distillation stills are used which have the original shape and size designed by George Smith more than 150 years ago.

Among its products the 16 year old Nàdurra Le single cask edition and the 25 year old Single Malt stand out.

Nàdurra ("natural" in Gaelic) is a full-grade whiskey, internationally award-winning, and aged 16 years in American oak barrels: certainly a demanding distillate in alcohol content, but absolutely balanced in taste.

The 25-year-old Single Malt, also a winner of trophies, recalls ancient antique shops with fragrant scents of freesia and peony, then arriving on the palate with notes of spices and dried bitter oranges.

The Glenlivet exceptional whiskeys, loved by all enthusiasts and great refiners such as Samaroli or Gordon & Macpahil ...

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