List of products by brand Càrn Mòr the Morrison select whiskies

Carn Mor is proudly owned by Morrison Scotch Whiskey Distillers

One of Scotland's oldest whiskey families

It all started during the 18th century when the Morrisons started out as grocers, but have since become whiskey brokers, refiners, blenders, bottlers and, of course, distillers.

The Morrisons have a selection of some of Scotland's finest whiskeys and spirits that the keepers watch out for.

Family values ​​are represented by everything they do and proudly display them in each of the whiskey bottles produced and reiterating their commitment to patience, insight and integrity.

Morrison Scotch Whiskey Distillers is owned and operated exclusively by one of Scotland's oldest and most prominent whiskey families, Jamie and Brian Morrison.

It marks the return of the Morrison family to distillation since Brian Morrison sold Morrison Bowmore Distillers, after nearly 25 years.

In every whiskey they create, they are committed to continuing to pass on the distillation knowledge they have learned from generations of family whiskey makers, while embracing innovation.

Their great heritage has given them access to a wide variety of unique and exceptional casks sourced from thoroughbred distilleries across Scotland.

Morrison & MacKay is a family-owned independent whiskey bottler with three generations of Scotch Whiskey experience.

It began as a whiskey liquor producer in 1982, the company then moved to Bankfoot in 1995 as the Scottish Liqueur Center.

In 2014 the company name was changed to Morrison & MacKay Whiskey Merchants.

The company is now building its own distillery in Aberargie, south of Perth. Its products come out with various labels such as Morrison & Mackay, Carn Mor and Old Perth.

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