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Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum
Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum
Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70-Rhum

Clairin Rocher Vol.49,8% Cl.70

  • Clairin is white rum produced in Haiti with a particular system, for this reason it is considered the essence of the Caribbean
  • The molasses syrup is then subjected to spontaneous fermentation.
  • Romulus Bethel distiller, le Rocher distillery.
  • Direct fire artisan stills.
  • Rustic, rural and wild aromatic profile.

Clairin Le Rocher is an ancient, traditional and almost archaeological expression of Haiti's agricultural white rum, obtained here with a particular production method that involves the use of sugar cane molasses.

Clairin Le Rocher is a rare and unique distillate in the world, produced in a very artisanal way and characterized by a rustic, rural and wild aromatic profile.

It is first of all a Clairin, the traditional distillate of the people of Haiti, in this case produced from sugar cane molasses, according to a unique procedure of its kind that represents an archaeological example of the distilling customs of the French settlers of the seventeenth century, influenced but in this case from the "dunder-style" developed in Jamaica by the English colonists.

The distillation of pure sugar cane juice in Haiti is in fact a legacy of French colonialism while the choice to use molasses and the practice that enriching the fermentation process with the residues of previous distillations, called "dunder", is typical of English colonists in Jamaica.

All this to say how this Clairin is the result of syncretism, settled over time, between the Haitian customs of French origin and the influences of neighboring Jamaica.

The artisan distiller Romulus Bethel is today the custodian of this rare and atypical know-how on which he bases his business in the village of Pignon, where the Le Rocher distillery is located.

Three different autochthonous varieties of sugar cane are used for the production, the juice of which is boiled to obtain the molasses.

The molasses syrup is then subjected to wild fermentation, that is spontaneous, with the addition of the residues of the previous distillations, always carried out rigorously with artisan stills on direct heat.

Clairin Le Rocher offers a precious and very rare historical and archaeological testimony that seems to enclose the essence of the Caribbean.

Tasting Notes:

Clear and transparent color.

Intense, complex and slightly smoky bouquet, of earth, officinal herbs and solvents.

Taste Rich, round, intense, tasty and mineral, with smoky nuances.


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